The solution

In todays times we know the marketing verticle has changed from what it was just 10 years ago. By applying our proven structured approach you can rest assured not only is your investment safe, but you will be too.

Power generation should never be considered before your home is first made more efficient. For just pennies-on-the-dollar our products are designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% without changing your current lifestyle. Once your home is efficient you will be ready for Power generation with our “INTELLIGRID” Plug and Save™ solar panel system which will only need to generate half the power to completely eliminate your power companies’ electric bill. Elite Solar, LLC manufactures products to eliminate the monthly “rent” payment to their power companies monthly electric bill. Our mission is to remove the burden of owing a monthly electric bill while adding equity to your homes value and familys financial security. Renting your electric is simply a bad investment and a bill we can all live without.

By the year 2050 our population is expected to be more than 9 billion people. That means we will have doubled our population in just 75 years. Imagine what our future generations will have to deal with and what natural resources will be available for them. The census estimates that we have more people alive today than have ever died in all our prior world history! Civil unrest for these natural resources is a guarantee since survival is dependent upon them. With globalization, natural disasters and all the rumors of wars, global change is unfolding and preparation is paramount.

Our power grid is vital to our national security and keeps our advanced culture out of the dark ages. Generating your own solar power for your family and being independent of the electric company is priceless for our security. Although energy is essential for our quality of life we have somehow accepted the notion that “renting” electric every month from the power company is socially acceptable and we carelessly continue paying monthly without ever having ownership. Elite Solar, LLC is committed to providing you with the highest quality products at the lowest price while sharing the energy secrets that will reduce and eliminate your homes energy bills. We believe that building more home equity by becoming energy independent is a wise financial move and a moral environmental responsibility. Money not spent on a monthly power bill becomes extra expendable income! Elite Solar, LLC is making a difference for a greener tomorrow by shaping the environment for our future generations. Our mission is to provide affordable world class products through efficiency while providing turn-key solutions through the utlilzation of multiple products which all work in harmony with one another. We provide home owners with little to no money down finance options at a monthly payment far less than the power company. Elite Solar LLC provides quality products through a means of commercial, residential and OEM distribution to help shape the environment for our future generations.